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1. I love : being who am I rite now..

2. Right now I want : to play bowling sampai tak larat angkat tangan daa..

3. I feel like : teeettttt...

4. I hate it when : I know my limitations...

5. I fear : of GOD lerr..sekali kun fayakun..macam2 boleh jadi..

6. I'm lonely without : all of you!!! :)

7. I need : my soul..

8. Today I : will be going to Teluk Intan

9. Tomorrow I : have kenduri..tolong-tolong..

10. I just : want to be myself..

11. I want to meet : my soulmate..

12. I love it when : I can achieve what come across..but surely not aite?..

13. I'm afraid of : lost!

14. I'm listening to : right now..none..

15. I wish I was in : my sweetest time..

16. I want to get : a sport car for my ride..

17. I can : talk and talk and talk.. :p

18. I can't : live my life without YOU..

19. I have : a car (tu pun name mama :p), a phone, a lappy, 2 bowling balls (nggeee~!)

20. I haven't : married (hahaha), tunaikan haji pun belum..

21. I'm nervous to : face the truth!

22. My parent think i'm : who I am, ATM all alone..hahhaha...

23. I think : I love myself the way I am..

24. I'm happy when : all of you happy too..

25. I'm sad when : I'm left..behind..

26. I like eating : anything that possible..

27. I hate eating : dunno, am I dat choosy?.. :p

28. I love watching : Prison Break, Heroes..tengok wayang pun best..janji cite best..

29. I love listening to : my phone ringtone and message tone.. (maknanye ade orang msg or call) :p

30. I like playing : bowling of course!

YOU"VE BEEN TAGGED!! (exception to those who have answered it! lalalala..)
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4 Responses
  1. Tanpa Nama Says:

    abg kid....mari le kita g main bowling........org dah start addicted to bowling ni...tapi xde click plak
    uwawawa... =((

  2. En Kid Says:

    owh..boleh ja mau bermain bowling..
    on weekdays..rate kat metropoint menarik..

  3. kikilala Says:

    time kaseh krn sudi menjawab ye...

  4. Tanpa Nama Says:

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