Sonnet : When
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When trust is lost, how can things move forward?
When love is lost, how can friendship remain?
When hope is lost, living remains awkward;
When fairness lost, most men could turn insane!

When wealth is lost, it could be well regained;
When health is lost, life is only a bane;
When virtues lost, nothing is truly gained;
When peace is lost, dialogue must start again.

When mind is lost, how can one ever feign?
When man is lost, to trace him is quite sane;
When Will is lost, no man can live or reign;
When God is lost, all things we do in vain.

When soul is lost, the fear of Hell awaits,
And fail do we to enter Heaven’s gates!

Poem by Dr. John Celes

Well, this poem kinda attract me and it give lots of meaning in our life. Cherish our life guys!

p/s: also to my lil' sis, don't be sad..there must be something left for you to treasure it...
4 Responses
  1. O_o Says:

    haha..dun worry, 'it' isn't her fav after all ^__~

    p/s : she might get wat she really want uhuuu...n i'll be jealous =P

  2. En Kid Says:

    shud be jealous..
    but we as elders always let it be rite?...
    insya Allah..
    she'll get it..

  3. alia Says:

    "We are seldom happy with what we now have, but would go to pieces if we lost any part of it". ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960


  4. kATUn Says:

    i might get wat i really want???
    dun think so....:(

    tanx a lot abg..:)